Sep. 2016 - World's first commercial V2G operation deployed in Denmark

Through years of intensive dialog with Energinet (Danish TSO) we successfully achieved that Nuvve was qualified to bid on the Frequency Containment Reserves (FCR) service in the Danish Grid with its GIVe EV aggregation platform.

The FCR service  requires that the grid frequency is measured every second and corrective action is coordinated by the Nuvve aggregator to direct the aggregated EVs to charge or discharge energy to contain the frequency in a narrow band around 50 Hz.

On September 6, 2016 the world’s first Vehicle-to-Grid fully commercial deployment went live. The customer was Frederiksberg Forsyning (FF)  – a Danish utility company providing gas and electricity services to part of Copenhagen, Denmark. The partners in the project was Nissan, Enel and Nuvve.

The FF EV fleet consist of 10 e-nv 200 Nissan electric vans. They are powered by 10 Magnum Cap 10 kW bi-directional charging stations and aggregated by Nuvve’s GIVe platform.

The solution bid on Frequency Containment Reserves service to the Danish TSO – Energinet on current market conditions without any subsidies.

The installation of 10 EVs has now successfully been operating for 3 years and logged around 180,000 EV hours of advanced grid services.