We have Broad and deep expertise 


The next-dimension team has substantial deep and broad expertise ranging from e-mobility, Vehicle Grid Integration, smart grid solutions and corporate venturing. The team has worked in large international organizations (Siemens), small startups (Nuvve) and advised large international corporations in the renewable energy space. Work experiences in USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We have played key roles in advanced projects


We have been involved in industry leading e-mobility and smart-grid projects and initiatives since 2011 as part of Nuvve.

The team has been a key driver of e-mobility & Smart-Grid industry defining projects to propel the industry forward.

We have gained unique insight, experience and knowledge of what works and where the transformation is heading.

Nikola project investigated the intelligent integration of EVs into the grid and categorized the potential services EVs can supply to the grid.

Parker project investigated how the technology can be scaled focusing on the technology, economics, markets and regulatory barriers. Parker End Report ; Grid Applications presentation; Parker End Seminar

INVENT project (Intelligent Electric Vehicle Integration) funded by the California Energy Commission (CEC) is investigating how to pave the way for commercial EV fleet applications in California.

Through these activities we have gained unique world class experience, knowledge and insight into the e-mobility services aspects:

  • Technology
  • Markets
  • Economics
  • Regulations (incl.Standards)
  • EV owner (CO2 Footprint)