We are passionate about preserving a livable planet for the future

by offering advice to a broad range of e-mobility and VGI smart-grid eco-system players.

Our goal is to help accelerate their transition to profitable green V2G(VGI) energy services, thereby reducing the world’s CO2 emission to safe levels and simultaneously strengthening the electric grids to make them more resilient.

We are an advisory company focusing on Vehicle-Grid-Integration

Our advice is based on years of proven hands-on experience from years of V2G(VGI) actual commercial deployments. 

We provide direct and clear answers about how to integrate EVs into the electric grid in an economically way.

We guide our clients with high quality, independent, focused, practical advice and supporting software tools, to navigate and capitalize on the profound technology and market transformations, that are taking place to reduce the world’s carbon footprint.

We advise clients on a broad range of strategic options to capitalize on the emergence of E-Mobility and Smart-Grid solutions. This include advice on identifying new business opportunities, investment opportunities, how to migrate ICE fleets to EV fleets, business models, market models, regulatory issues, supply chain, and strategic options whether to “build, buy or partner”.

next-dimension will provide guidance and navigation based on concise data, clear options and supporting software tools. This will allow the client to make sound decisions about their V2G(VGI) opportunities always focusing on the best value for the client.

Our advice is based on demonstrated experience, expertise and judgement.

Services offered to clients

We offer a wide range of practical concrete services:

 1. Advisor to C-level management

2. Serving on advisory boards

3. Advising on strategy

   – How to enter V2G market and monetizing V2G services

   – V2G(VGI) market analysis

   – Competitive analysis

   – V2G(VGI) use cases

4. VGI simulation tools