Why succeeding in e-mobility is paramount.

The largest CO2 emitters are Transport 24% World (30% USA) and Electricity sector 42% World (28% USA). 

The 2 biggest contributors to CO2 emission are the Transport sector and the Electricity sector (USA and World ).

US CO2 Emissions:

The US CO2 emission per sector is dominated by the Transportation, Electricity and the Industry sector. If the Transportation sector was electrified (E-Mobility) and all energy was produced by renewable energy sources we could cut the US CO2 emission by 58%.

Source: EPA

US Transport Sector CO2 Emissions (30% of total):

The Transportation sector CO2 emission is dominated by the Light-Duty vehicle sector (59%) and the Medium-to-Heavy Duty vehicle sector (23%). Together these two sectors contributes 82% of the Transportation sector’s CO2 emission. 

Source: EPA