Bjoern E Christensen

Bjoern has been at the forefront of VGI over the last 8 years being one of the key drivers of industry defining projects and actual V2G commercial deployments serving as the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Nuvve, the world leader in V2G solutions.As CSO Bjoern was responsible for developing and implement strategies for Nuvve’s VGI expansion into the world market and specifically positioning Nuvve as the world leader in V2G solutions.Bjoern was a key driver of the Nikola and the Parker project in Denmark including key in writing the project applications and securing funding, and secured the qualification for Nuvve to participate in grid services in Denmark.Latest Bjoern secured Nuvve the large INVENT project at the University of San Diego funded by the California Energy Commission, to pave the way for commercial VGI fleet solutions in California and beyond. Bjoern served as the Principal Investigator on the project.During his time with Nuvve Bjoern worked closely with Prof. Willett Kempton widely considered the "Father of Vehicle-to-Grid" technology.Bjoern brings more than 30 years of international experience in Technology, Marketing, Business Development and Corporate Venture Capital.Prior to Nuvve, Bjoern co-founded the Corporate Venture fund Siemens Mustang Ventures in Silicon Valley and was named President & CEO.Siemens Mustang Ventures invested in some of the most successful IT/Networking startups of the time and helped them towards successful IPOs (COM21, Efficient Networks, Extreme Networks, Phone.Com, Virata, Sycamore Networks, Cambridge Silicon Radio).Through these investments Siemens gained access to best in class technologies on favorable conditions. Furthermore, he facilitated a number of M&A transactions, where Siemens acquired the portfolio companies.Later Bjoern served as President & CEO of Siemens Venture Capital (SVC), with worldwide responsibility for all Siemens AG venture investments. SVC had over 660M Euro under management in five funds: Energy, Industry, Healthcare , IT/Networking and Fund-in-Funds.Bjoern helped SVC to become one of the worlds most prominent and successful Corporate Venture Groups with 70+ direct investments and 30+ fund investments and with offices in San Jose, Boston, Munich, Beijing and Tel Aviv.Bjoern holds a Master of Science from the Technical University of Denmark and resides in Silicon Valley.

Let’s Take a Look at the Capacity Factor for EV Batteries

Capacity factor is defined as (using Wiki instead of the long and winding explanation from ChatGPT): “The ratio of the electrical energy produced by a generating unit for the period of time considered to the electrical energy that could have been produced at continuous full power operation during the same period.” The capacity factors for …

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Is Denmark Prepared for V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything)?

Lately, there has been much focus on new shining objects like AI(ChatGPT), PtX, hydrogen, energy islands, and the massive European expansion of offshore wind. However, we should not turn our attention away from the fact that: There will be 1+ million EVs on the roads in Denmark by 2030. It will require heavy lifting and …

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The answer to everything in the future grid is (no not 42) … Flexibility Services. What role can V2G play?

My latest educational posts dealt with grid services in the Nordic Synchronous Area: – FCR-D – A Dream V2G Service? – FCR-N – The Tough V2G Service.  This – my last post in this series – deals with FFR – Fast Frequency Regulation. It poses the question: Could it be a “V2G service”? From Energinet (Danish …

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Electric grid services – Flexibility is the key.

Case in point : Frequency-Controlled Disturbance Reserves (FCR-D) for the Nordic Grid. In my previous post I described FCR-D as a potential “Dream V2G service”. Let’s dwell on some details: The FCR-D pricing was analyzed from 1/1/2022 until 3/31/2023 (see figure 1 and figure 2). The daily volume (Eastern Denmark and Sweden) was around 600 …

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