Let’s Take a Look at the Capacity Factor for EV Batteries

Capacity factor is defined as (using Wiki instead of the long and winding explanation from ChatGPT):

“The ratio of the electrical energy produced by a generating unit for the period of time considered to the electrical energy that could have been produced at continuous full power operation during the same period.”

The capacity factors for energy generators (source IEA):

–       Efficient Gas 29% – 63%

–       Solar PV 10% – 21%

–       Onshore Wind 23% – 44%

–       Offshore Wind 29% – 52%

And guess what?

The “Capacity Factor” for an EV battery used only 2-3 hours per day for driving: a measly 8% – 12%

We can do better than that.


In the past the argument against using the EV battery for V2X services was the fear of degrading the battery. Experience has now clearly shown that if V2X is done intelligently (SOC range, temperatures, use cases…) the degradation can be managed so well that EV manufacturers will warrant the batteries.


Today the argument should be that in a resource constrained world we can simply not afford to use EV batteries only for driving. We need to #FreeTheBatteries for other services.

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