Electric grid services – Flexibility is the key.

Case in point : Frequency-Controlled Disturbance Reserves (FCR-D) for the Nordic Grid.

In my previous post I described FCR-D as a potential “Dream V2G service”.

Let’s dwell on some details:

The FCR-D pricing was analyzed from 1/1/2022 until 3/31/2023 (see figure 1 and figure 2).

The daily volume (Eastern Denmark and Sweden) was around 600 MW.

Some may say this is a shallow market that will soon be saturated. Maybe – or maybe not. Depends on perspective. 600 MW is for many players a large market and provides a good start for V2G services. Eventually based on many factors the future market will find an equilibrium price level that will support economic bidding on the service.

The FCR-D comes in two variants both showing extreme price swings:


– Up regulation in the frequency domain 49.900 Hz – 49.500 Hz

– Average price was €57.19

– Max price €234.27

– Min price €9.95

FCR-D Down

– Down regulation in the frequency domain 50.100 Hz – 50.500 Hz

– Average price was €31.04

– Max price €520.74

– Min price €4.10

Combining bids for both FCR-D Up and FCR-D Down would yield an average price of €57.19 + €31.04 = €88.23 per MW/hour. Not bad indeed.

The extreme price swings show clearly the need for flexibility when bidding on these services.

Flexibility services will be an important integral part of the future distributed clean electric grid.

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