(14) Understanding V2G

Making V2G Personal – for the non-V2G-expert folks

VOLTine and V2G got together at the end of a long summer vacation and thought about what was the most exciting thing that had happened to them in the summer vacation.VOLTine started: We took the mystery out of V2G. I remember when we asked the adult V2G experts, and they started with : 

“V2G is based on VGI but really GIV EVs, and you may also call it V2H, V2L, V2B, V2G, V2V, VTG or even V2X – and be BTM export or non-export or FOM for TOU and Demand Charge and of course AC or DC located in a V2GHub acting as a VPP”.  And it can be based on CCS and IEC 15118-20 promoted by Charin or SAE J1772/SAE J3072/SAE J3068, IEEE 2030.5 but also CHAdeMO and for interconnection on Rule 21 and UL 1741 SA, which of course is derived from IEEE 1547 and be tested by an NRTL” 

Now VOLTine exclaimed “You and I through our discussions and experiences have boiled it down to something “normal” young people can understand” – “V2G has become personal. V2G nodded “Now we both know what the term V2G means”:

“V2G turns the EV into a personal power plant so you can “generate” your own energy and use it as you wish and whenever you wish. Just plug your EV in and that’s all. It makes your life greener and makes it more affordable to own an EV. If everyone had a V2G EV, the world would be a much better and greener place to live in.” And her thoughts raced on “EV V2Gs could also be aggregated with other EV V2Gs to provide much higher power so that such a coalition could bid on grid services. That sounds to me like a virtual thing I mean a virtual power plant” VOLTine said

The grownups always make things sounds so complex. What if we the young generation told the grownups that they could only use their smartphones for making telephone calls and if they used the phone for other purposes, they would damage their phones. Nonsense – of course. But we the young people have got the V2G message, and I am sure our generation will not buy any EV without the V2G option, when we grow up. And that means that V2G will become standard on any EV. Wow – simplicity is the answer, and we will have the “power” in more than one way when we grow up

V2G got in front of the large mirror in her room and now she saw her image and it was sharp as a cold “blue”, crisp early autumn morning. She smiled to herself and felt so good that now she knew exactly who she was, where she came from and why she was here. And she was sure that “normal” people also knew what V2G is for and its practical personal use. And the best of all: “You only need to plug your EV in and the smart V2G software will do the rest without you having to care about it”

Thinking about all the people in LinkedIn they said to each other we should ask the LinkedIn community what they think about V2G and if they have a better way to explain V2G in simple terms.

End of story

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