(12) The V2G EV as an energy sponge

Making V2G Personal – for the non-V2G-expert folks

One evening VOLTine’s mom asked about the car that VOLTine and her dad had bought. “Please tell me more about it” she said.

We bought the latest VW model X with the V2G option. Don’t worry mom, the V2G option just turns the EV into a personal power plant. All you need to do is to plug the EV in and that’s all. The rest is done by smart V2G software. You don’t need to do anything else until you need to drive your car and it will be ready. Just unplug it and drive away with the battery charged. You will not even notice the V2G option except on your wallet – VOLTine chuckled.

VOLTine’s mom said what? I don’t understand anything about power plants. Can’t you explain it in terms that I understand from my daily life?

VOLTine got an idea: “It is just like a sponge mom. But instead of absorbing water the EV absorbs energy when it is green, inexpensive, and abundant like from the sun or the wind. In doing so, we don’t have to throw away renewable energy – I guess that’s what they call curtailment. The EV then gives back the energy to our house when “squeezed” late afternoon/evening when the electricity is expensive and CO2 dirty.”

The mom said ah-ah that is clever; that I can understand. Then it can also provide emergency energy to our house when we have a PSPS event. I read about the new Ford Lightening and it’s so easy to understand what it can do for its owners. That EV V2G option is indeed useful, and it is simple to understand how it can help us in our daily life. And the V2G EV can even drive as well.

So V2G makes our life even greener and our EV more affordable – beautiful.

Now I feel that even I am a V2G expert, and I am looking forward to telling all my girlfriends why we chose a car with V2G and why they should do the same, said the mom. We can all contribute to fighting Climate Change by buying a V2G EV.

To be continued

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