(11) Buying an EV2G School Bus

Making V2G Personal – for the non-V2G-expert folks

It was time for the yearly budget meeting at the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. One item on the agenda was to decide on new school buses for the 20 buses that were to be retired cause of age, frequent breakdowns, high maintenance costs, pollution and non-compliance.

Mrs. SCHOOLing led the meeting and when the time came to decide on the new school buses, she opened the discussion by proposing that the new school buses should be electric ones. “We have to protect our children against harmful diesel emission, and we have an obligation to set an example for all the children, their families, and the community that we are carrying our weight in the fight against global warming. We walk the talk – NOW not in 2030 or 2045.”

Mr. OLDschool objected and said it is too expensive to buy E-School buses and the school district cannot afford the higher upfront payments versus a diesel school bus

A lively discussion broke loose with arguments both for and against E-school buses. Finally, Mrs. SCHOOLing broke in and said:

“What if we could lease the E-school buses so we don’t need to make a large upfront payment. In this way we could convert the Capex to Opex over the lifetime of the school bus and have a fixed monthly payment that would cover the school buses and all service and maintenance costs”

Mr. OLDschool responded, “Well that would take care of the high upfront cost, but the E-school bus would still be more expensive”

This was the moment that Mrs. SCHOOLing had been waiting for. “We could add a V2G option to the school buses and that would lower the lifetime cost of the E-school bus to be comparable with that of a diesel.”

Mr. Opposite stated, “What is V2G? Why should we care?”. The crowd nodded their heads since no one knew what V2G was good for.

Mrs. SCHOOLing “That’s easy. V2G transforms our school buses into power plants or so-called energy sponges. We can charge when energy is green and cheap and send energy back at end of day when we can get paid for it from PG&E. This makes the cost of ownership less expensive. We could also use the energy in the batteries in case of PSPS events to provide emergency power to the community especially the disadvantaged community”.

The mood suddenly shifted towards buying EV2G-school buses. So, when Mrs. SCHOOLing asked for a vote, it was unanimous yes for buying the EV2G-school buses.

The next day in VOLTine’s classroom the teacher told the kids as of the new school year they would be driven by E-school buses with V2G. The children cheered because they had already discussed by themselves the virtues of V2G (unbeknown to the adults) and with their flexible open young minds conclude that EV2G-buses were good for saving the planet and their future.

One of the kids said jokingly: “When I grow up, I want to have my own green power plant and drive it as well”.

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