(10) Buying an EV fleet

Making V2G Personal – for the non-V2G-expert folks

At the weekly management meeting in WeDeliver conducted via Zoom the boss told all the senior managers worldwide that the company would have to become greener and live up to its corporate responsibility for a greener world. It would involve every aspect of the company’s international business to be aware of their carbon footprint and to cut it to specified targets every year, and all bonuses in the company would be directly linked to achieving the carbon reduction targets. Air travel and corporate fleet driving are the two highest emitters of our company’s CO2 emission said the boss. For example, one Premium class round trip San Francisco to Munich, Germany emits 1.6 tons of CO2 per passenger and every car in our current fleet on average emits 4.6 tons CO2 per year. These two area are high on our list of actions and it is time for action.

And the boss continued, “We are not only measuring the company’s performance on ROI but also and increasingly on Return-on-Carbon (ROC)”.

When the meeting was over Mr. Hardnose, the fleet manager, wondered for himself how that would affect his job, since he was used to only consider the least expensive cars that satisfied his company’s requirements for the company fleet.

A week later he had a meeting with the salesperson of a car company. He thought of the ROC and said to the salesman that he was considering electric vehicles – that is if the price was right. The salesperson said that the EVs were more expensive buying upfront than the gas or diesel cars, but that they would emit much less CO2 and no CO2 if fully charged with renewable energy and the maintenance costs would be substantially lower. That sounded good to Mr. Hardnose as he calculated the ROC in his head. The salesperson added that if they included the V2G option not only would the vehicles be even greener, but they would also be less expensive to own and yearly service would be much cheaper.

Mr. Hardnose smiled. He couldn’t wait to get his boss’s signature on the deal but, also to tell his colleagues in the other companies at the yearly meeting of fleet managers how great the V2G was for his company’s fleet. He was definitively sold on V2G EVs now that he knew that this was company policy and would help his company become greener and him receiving his bonus – he smiled to himself.

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