(9) The July 4th V2G party

Making V2G Personal – for the non-V2G-expert folks

On July 4th ELvira and TRUCKer – V2G’s parents – invited all their friends to a July 4th party at their house.

They were all there including Mr. Hardnose, the fleet manager, Mrs. SCHOOLing the schoolboard supervisor and of course the kind professor from the East Coast that had invented the V2G concept.

It was a hot day so VOLTine and V2G quickly jumped into the pool to chill down.

The adults started drinking their beer and alcohol and eating the grilled hotdogs and hamburgers.

One group of guests started talking about what they had been doing the last 14 days and VOLTine’s dad mentioned that their family had bought a new electric vehicle with V2G option. Mr. Hardnose asked, “what is V2G and what does it do?” VOLTine’s dad answered: “The V2G options turns the EV into a personall power plant and let you use the energy when and where you want to. In addition, it lowers the cost of the EV”. 

Mr. Hardnose scoffed – I still think EVs are too expensive and I am used to select always the lowest cost cars for my fleet since my department is considered a cost center. I am paid for that and my yearly bonus depends on reaching a certain low-cost budget. And while I am at it what about the EV battery doesn’t the V2G degrade the expensive EV battery?

The professor from the East Coast injected gently: “No-no on the contrary.  The EV battery is built to withstand strong forces often 10 times that of V2G, when accelerating and braking. And when you fast charge with hundreds of kW it is also experiencing a hard load. On the contrary when you use the EV for V2G it is like cruising along at a leisurely speed. Another comparison would be if you are on a bicycle tour in the mountainous Alps and goes up and down with great effort – that would be driving and charging – versus bicycling on a flat land in Denmark – that would be V2G. The V2G can actually improve the life of the battery.”

Mrs. SCHOOLing had listened carefully and the said: I think the V2G technology sounds interesting, but buying an electric school bus is quite expensive due to the high up-front costs. I would love to have electric school buses in my school district so the kids to be driven in clean buses without pollution. And remember many kids spends up to 2 hours in their school buses every day. If V2G could lower the price of the electric school bus or even better if there was a way to lease the electric school bus I would definitively be interested. I will take it up at the next school board meeting. Thank you for mentioning the V2G option.

To be continued.

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