(8) Buying a V2G EV (again)

Making V2G Personal – for the non-expert folks

One day VOLTine’s dad said that the time had finally come to buy the new car – and it had of course to be an EV. He said let’s go to the Tesla showroom this time and look at the models they offer since he felt that if so many other people had bought a Tesla EV, they could not go wrong. 

But VOLTine strongly objected. Dad, Tesla EVs do not have a V2G option and now that I know how valuable V2G is and what it can do for us, I don’t want a Tesla. I want an EV that has V2G functionality. 

She said let’s go to Volkswagen or Hyundai since I have read that their EVs will be V2G equipped as of next model year, and I don’t mind waiting to get our new EV with V2G. They decided to drive to the VW showroom in their town and entered the showroom.

The salesperson greeted them and asked what they were looking for. VOLTine said we are looking for an EV with V2G. The salesperson replied – you mean Vehicle-to-Grid? Yes, said VOLTine, cause V2G transforms my EV into my personal power plant that makes me independent of the grid, and I can use the energy from my EV wherever I want to and whenever I want to. And I know how much such an EV can help our family.

When they left the showroom VOLTine said to her father “I think that all EVs should have V2G. I have read that not only Volkswagen and Hyundai but recently also Volvo and Renault will have V2G cars soon. Now we just need the rest of the car OEMs to get on board – including your favorite Tesla – dear dad, she teased. That would help to make a greener world and it makes the cost of owning our EV lower, so we have more money to spend on ice creams for me and my friends” she said laughingly.

Continuation follows

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