(7) – Making V2G personal – Why are you here?

Making V2G Personal – for the non-expert V2G folks.

The next week V2G received another email addressed to V2G and again without a sender. It said, “Why are you here?”. V2G paused for a moment – Why am I here? She thought about it for a while, and after her many conversations with VOLTine she felt that was an easy question to answer. She felt that she was getting the upper hand against the anonymous sender.

She had learned in school that the planet was warming – something they referred to as “Climate Change” and that all the cars were polluting by burning gasoline and spewing out CO2. She thought what if all the cars were electric and were only using electricity created by the sun or by the wind? And what if V2G could additionally help the electric grid if it was short of power or had too much power? Then V2G could help the planet to become CO2 neutral!  In that moment V2G knew exactly why she was here and her purpose in life was the help future generation to experience a livable world just as she did herself now.

V2G said to herself “But I am tired of hearing only what my V2G EV can do for the grid or the world. This is what many of the V2G experts and V2G companies are focusing on. After all, when we buy an EV, it is our car and battery and we have paid for it. I want to know what the V2G EV can do for our family in our daily personal life, besides driving”.

After some second thoughts, she also came to think of her parents and how she, as part of the family, provided harmony in the family between her mother ELvira and her father TRUCKer and how an EV V2G could help them save money on their energy bills and provide emergency power to their home in case of PSPS events. And she further thought that when they charged energy from the grid when the sun is shining in the middle of the day and discharged energy to the home in the late afternoon/evening they would not only benefit themselves, but also the electric grid and the society. Absorbing sun energy instead of throwing it away and “squeezing” it back when the sun goes down was fully aligned with the interest of the grid and society. What a thought! 

She felt relieved. She knew exactly why she was here, but she had still had not quite figured out who she really was.

Continuation follows.

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