(6) V2G fuel = Sun+Wind; Power plant fuel = Coal+Natural Gas

Making V2G Personal – for the non-V2G-expert folks

V2G and VOLTine had enjoyed the morning having so much fun and talking about everything and nothing. It was noon when V2G’s mom called them and said lunch was ready. The lunch was good and afterward, the girls continued their discussion from the morning on V2G.

They laughingly likened the V2G EV to an energy sponge that can absorb clean energy from the sun or wind and deliver the energy back when “squeezed”. So now that we know that V2G turns an EV into a personal power plant, but how can we use that power and what fuel does the EV need to produce its power?

It was easy to figure out what the power could be used for. It could of course be used for driving, but the EV was not driven very much each day – only a couple of hours. What about using the power to charge electric tools, or charge the house when electricity is expensive, and we could use the power if the grid goes down. 

And we could even be good citizens and help the grid on hot days or in the late afternoon when energy supply is in high demand, that is if the utilities are willing to pay us a fair price. They had often read about the so-called “Duck Curve” and now they understood better what that term meant.

But which fuel would the EV use? They laughed looking at the roof with a lot of solar panels and at the sea in front of them, where the big wind turbines were slowly rotating. We could fuel the EV with inexpensive green solar and wind energy.

Now they knew so much more about V2G and how it could help ordinary people. Everybody can understand the practical use and how V2G can help the world reduce CO2 emission one EV at a time said VOLTine. She felt so convinced about what V2G could do for her family that she was looking forward to convincing her dad to buy a V2G EV.

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