An Open Letter to Tesla

Dear Tesla: An EV battery is a terrible thing to waste on only transport; like using an iPhone only for telephone calls. It is time for you to step up and help California’s Energy Resilience efforts.

Make your cars bi-directional and help CA consumers, businesses and communities cope with PSPS and wildfire risks and contribute to energy resilience with your cars. Don’t get caught in the “Innovators Dilemma” on focusing on your Powerwall; your cars can do the trick too and cheaper. Although not a fleet car Tesla’s can be predictable, when connected at home (evening/night) or office (day) and could do V2G/V2H/V2B/V2L.

You have received a lot of help to get to where you are today: 

– A US Gov’t loan of $465M at a critical time

– The Fremont factory on the cheap for $42M 

– Earned $428M on Carbon Credits in Q2 2020. You would not be positive free cash flow without these “regulatory credits”  

– CA consumers are buying your cars 

It is time you return the favors and help CA cope with its existential wildfire crisis.

You are the EV leader and other OEMs will follow you. Lucid Motors and latest Hyundai are showing the way with AC V2G. You can do the same. After all your Cybertruck will have a 240V AC outlet!