V2G – Back to the Future

School buses and NextGen EV OEMs like Lucid Motors are showing the next way for V2G vehicles. Nissan (worldwide) and other Japanese car companies (in Japan) have already had bi-directional power capabilities for many years mainly as a result of the great earthquake in 2011 

But the leader Tesla…

“Even though Elon Musk is lukewarm on V2G, Tesla’s Senior VP of Powertrain and Energy Engineering ​Drew Baglino said that future generations of Tesla’s power electronics will enable V2G capabilities in North America” (Battery Day 2020)

But Tesla was once close to making bi-directional EVs. Tesla’s first car the roadster in 2008, was inspired by the bi-directional tZero launched in January 1997 – a mother of all (good looking) electric vehicles – conceived and promoted by visionaries Alan Cocconi and Tom Gage. Tesla Roadster’s used technology from their company AC Propulsion

And Tesla will also launch a bi-directional Cybertruck (2022) with a 240V AC outlet

Bi-directional EVs can help CA become more energy resilient in case of PSPS or wildfires by providing emergency power

It is time for Tesla to step up and make their vehicles bi-directional and help CA

An EV battery is a terrible thing to waste for only transport