Why V2G is gaining momentum (10) – Summary

It started with the idea – based on my almost 10 years’ V2G experience  – of writing a number of posts to inform and educate non-V2G experts about V2G facts (not fiction).

In the previous 9 posts I have covered a number of critical factors for V2G success and scalability. These posts have been visited more than 30,000 times. I would like to thank the LinkedIn members who read and commented the posts.

Each critical factor covered in these posts, is developing and improving fast propelling V2G forward:

– Supply chain (vehicles and EVSEs)

– Costs of EVSE infrastructure

– International standards

– Regulations

– Economics (revenues and costs)

– Technology (AC/DC)

– Battery degradation

Let’s not forget to give credit to and honor the person who came up with the idea and the concept of V2G and steadfast believed in it in spite of many doubters. 

In 1996 Prof. Willett Kempton submitted a paper, published in 1997, with the title “ELECTRIC VEHICLES AS A NEW SOURCE FOR ELECTRIC UTILITIES“. He thereby laid the foundations for V2G and where we are 20+ years later.

Thank you Willett. It has been a privilege and a great honor to work with you over the years at Nuvve Corp. to move V2G forward and realize its great potential.