Why V2G is gaining momentum (3) – Supply Chain – V2G Solutions

On 9/9/2020 Lucid Motors presented a next generation EV called Lucid Air. It moves EV technology to a new level over and above Tesla’s and sets new industry standards – not only in technology, but also in quality and comfort. One industry first is the “Wunderbox” (developed by Eric Bach and his team) – including an 19.2 kW onboard bi-directional charger with AC power flow. This will enable the Lucid Air to provide V2G services that can lower the cost of ownership (workplace charging, Time-of-Use optimization and emergency power just to mention a few). Lucid is working together with IOTECHA, which provides the bi-directional AC charger for a complete V2G solution

The list of other companies offering or considering offering V2G solutions is long. Here a few examples: Fermata Energy, Mobility House, Nuvve, Enel (EMotorwerks), EDF (Dreev), OVO Energy, EON/Nissan, VW…

The electricity sector meets the automotive sector and new business opportunities emerge. In general, some EV manufacturers are moving to become energy suppliers (e.g. Tesla, Nissan, Lucid?) and some energy companies are moving in to supply V2G services with electric vehicles (Enel, Shell, EDF). 

All this dynamics will push V2G forward