Why V2G is gaining momentum (2) – The Supply Chain

Why V2G is gaining momentum (2) – The Supply Chain

The V2G supply chain has so far been limited, but this is changing fast. Nissan and Mitsubishi were the only car makers offering V2G (outside Japan). The V2G EVSE supply was also limited (outside Japan) and expensive: Hitachi, Magnum Cap, Coritech, Princeton Power (now bankrupt)

The supply chain situation has changed substantially for the better 

Established car companies are seriously considering V2G capable EVs: VW, Audi, BMW, Honda and PSA/Fiat/Chrysler among others. Renault is doing V2G field trials with Zoe since mid 2019. Even Tesla cyber truck will have a 240 V AC outlet and Lucid Air will have an onboard bi-directional AC charger from the start. In the US school buses (480k school buses in US and 25k in California) are showing the way with Blue Bird, Rhombus and Nuvve offering a complete V2G solution fully UL 1741 SA certified. 

V2G EVSE supply has also increased, and prices have fallen from $8,000+ to $2.500-$3,500 (7 kW+): Ossaico, Wallbox, Fermata Energy, Rhombus, Hitachi, Nuvve, EVTech, ABB, PRE, Virta…) 

On Board Chargers (OBC)
Even OBC products have emerged from: Brusa, Convertronix, CurrentWays, Watt&Well (used by Renault). A number of other startups are working on low cost V2G OBCs 

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