100 millions EVs will enter the market over the next decade.

    • What is the impact on consumers/Enterprices shifting to EVs?
    • Can the electric grid handle the load and how to fuel the EVs with green energy?
    • What is the impact on the car industry – who will emerge as winners and why?
    • What is the impact on the energy companies?
    • What opportunities open up and what are the risks of not acting timely?

    We will witness industry transformations on par with the Internet revolution and the bold will emerge as winners.

    Companies should ask themselves:

    What will this mean for my company and how should we act?

    Transport and Electricity constitutes 58% of US CO2 Emission

    The Transport sector contributes 24% of the World’s CO2 emission (USA 30%) and the Electricity sector contributes 42% (USA 28%).

    Electrifying Transportation (E-Mobility) and moving to 100% renewable energy would reduce the World’s CO2 emission by 66% (USA 58%) and additionally reduce dangerous pollution in cities substantially.

    EVs must be “fueled” with renewable energy.

    Smart-Grid must Integrate Renewables And Electric Vehicles.

    The Transportation sector is migrating from Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles To EVs.

    The Electric Grid Must Integrate Renewable Energy and EVs With Smart-Grid Technology and new e-mobility Energy Services.

    Fundamental Industry Transformations will be the result.

    Smart Phones apps made the phone more valuable.

    Energy services will make the EV more valuable.

    Electric Vehicles (EV) can serve dual purposes: transportation and energy services to reduce CO2. EVs are typically only used for driving 2 – 3 hours a day. When EVs are not used for driving their batteries can provide valuable grid services to generate revenues, provide savings or serve as energy backup thereby:

                                   Reducing the total cost of EV ownership.

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